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spacer What is Zapatag?
  In a nutshell:
  Report bad drivers, track license plates, zap a tag and upgrade your commute. Compliment a carpooler. Lash a litterer. Tattle on a tailgater. Snap at a speeder. Bring accountability back to our streets the Web 2.0 way. Don't get mad on the road. Get even online.
  Who is Zapatag?
  Zapatag was conceived by Ryan Ozawa, but made possible only through the input of several brilliant people, including Aaron Dragushan, Beth Berry, Eric Nakagawa, Burt Lum, Emily Chang, Matthew McVickar & Cody Robbins, Brian Dote, Watari Goro, Kalei Weber, and Ryan (typezero3).
  What's up with Zapatag?
  Check out the Zapatag Blog.